Fire Safety Management and Advisory

It is important for high hazard industries, as well as other companies such as manufacturers to service providers, to understand fire risks and prevention. There could be fire breakouts at any time if precautionary measures are ignored and could lead to massive destruction and loss of property.

We offer fire protection expertise via assessments, consulting services and retainer advisory services to help understand the extent of fire risk your company and facilities face.

We specialise in Fire Safety/Prevention, Fire Emergency Response & Training, Management of Fire Services and Drafting jurisdiction specific fire regulations or revising existing ones based on updated requirements.

Our fire advisory team interventions can put regulators, employees, insurers, and other stakeholders at ease that your facilities are fully protected. Take advantage of our fire protection management advisory services so that you can focus fully on your core business without sacrificing fire safety.

Want to volunteer for a cause during you next annual general meeting? We are well networked with many local and international NGOs and can organise your CSR project right from strategy to implementation. What’s more? Have fun doing it!

Marketing Consultancy

Are you a new start-up, or a rapidly growing business without a marketing department? Do you lack resources to fund an able and experienced marketing team? Would you still want to be able to make most of the best of what the market has to offer? Read on.

Our founders have in-depth experience in the middle- eastern market, from fields such as FMCG, pharmaceuticals, beauty, electronics, services and hospitality.

Our team is at your disposal to work with you on various aspects of your business to make sure you get the best for your budget.

Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to understand your exact requirements and give your company that much needed boost in terms of sales turnover, customer satisfaction, strategy and direction and much more.

Film Production & Casting

At Medulla, work gets more interesting with Film Production. We have a strong database of actors, models, performers, filming and event equipment, film crew, locations and the like for photo and video shoots, events and other corporate needs. We take care of all your filming requirements - we are your one stop solution for talent. Do get in touch and let us handle your project!

CSR Services

We can partner with you to offer ideas on marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that address core business needs, advise on effective ways of engaging with the community, design social initiatives, coordinate implementation of programs.

The Medulla network provides you with guidelines to an ever-growing network of NGOs to address social issues as well as reach out to region based bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) markets. Be it going green, responsible fishing, mass food handouts and other activities with labour camps, working with special needs children, energy saving and many more – we sit with you and understand how well a cause would suit and impact your business to make sure your corporate mission and stakeholder interest is the primary concern.Want to volunteer for a cause during you next annual general meeting? What’s more? Have fun doing it!

Market Research & Mystery Shopping

Every business needs to have the right information and also know the right way to use this information. Want to know if your clients and customers are satisfied with your products? Would you like to be doubly sure before you open that Foot Massage spa?

Or you just think you’d like to know what ice cream do Indian women like the most – we are your one stop shop solution! We also undertake financial feasibility studies to make sure you make an informed decision when it comes to setting up your dream business.

Along with Market Research, we also have a strong database of professional mystery shoppers who can be part of various audits for your business, ranging from customer satisfaction to assessing the extent of training needed for your staff. We have participated in extensive mystery shopping studies for banks, government sector, retail as well as F&B.

We have English and Arabic speaking shoppers across the Middle East and can take projects as a whole in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Event Management

We are experienced in organising and managing all sorts of private and public events . We make sure that we understand the needs of the client and deliver the best we can well within their budgets. We have extensive experience in handling any Labour camp related activations, Mall Promotions and Road shows, CSR activities, Product Launches and Brand Activations. We also organise small scale private events such as Birthdays, Anniversary Dinners, Festival Themed events and the like for private clients and corporates.